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Dr. Hal Warlick Scholars

Dr. Hal Warlick lived his life as an example of servant leadership -- and how one person could truly make a difference in the lives of those around him. He graduated from Furman University in 1964 on a football scholarship, where he began to realize his potential for using his passion to build communities of faith. After graduating from Harvard Divinity School in 1971, Dr. Warlick served communities in South Carolina, Texas, and Massachusetts, until ultimately finding his calling as Dean of Chapel at High Point

University. Proof of Dr. Warlick's passion and love can be found in the 16 religious books he authored, but more importantly can be seen in the lives of all the students he has helped and encouraged

over the years.


After retiring, Dr. Warlick returned to his alma mater to support  students who otherwise would not be able to attain higher education. He gathered a group of dedicated North Carolina neighbors in

annual fundraising to support gap scholarships for Bridges students  who have been accepted to four-year colleges yet have just enough gap in their financial aid to keep a degree out of reach. Each year, this scholarship is awarded to one to two college-bound Bridges students, renewable for up to four years. These students receive about $5,000 a year for their four years of study to help them turn their dreams into reality. This money makes the difference between a student going to college and making their future bright or having the cost of tuition keep them from breaking the cycle of poverty through education. 

Warlick Scholars are selected annually by the Bridges Staff and the scholarship committee, based on student need, merit, and commitment. To continue to receive the scholarship, scholars must stay in good academic standing and keep a clean discipline record.

The generosity of Dr. Warlick, his family, and the entire scholarship team has helped many of our students focus on their studies and achieve greatness. 



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