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Summer 2022: Bridges Foundations

NEW: Virtual Game Night 7/14

Posted Tuesday 7/12

We know Bridges ended abruptly. And we miss you! Students, please plan to join us on Thursday, July 14, 5-7pm, for a virtual game night. (Some of you may remember these from the days we were 100% virtual!) Join us at 5pm in our Zoom Room for fun games, lots of laughs, and PRIZES. 

Update: Closing Early

Posted Sunday 7/10

Dear Parents:

Late Saturday night, a student who was exhibiting symptoms similar to a head cold tested positive for Covid. This morning, we started suppling students with tests, and over the course of the day we have tracked positive and negative results. This evening we reached a total number of positive cases equal to 10% of students, all of whom come from different Bridges classes and different halls in the dorms. The majority of these students are asymptomatic yet still must quarantine.


After consulting with Furman University’s Covid team and Prisma, we have made the difficult decision to send all students home and conclude our summer program. We encourage everyone to continue to test and follow protocols for anyone who is a “close contact” per the CDC.


All students will need to pack and clean their dorm rooms this evening. Parents may pick their students up either TONIGHT between 8-10pm, or TOMORROW between 8-10am. If you are not able to make either of these times, contact us asap.


We hate to have the summer program end so abruptly. We care about your students and must do what’s in their best interests to keep them healthy. We will be in touch about future programming we will offer. "We appreciate your flexibility during this stressful time." 



The Bridges Team

Update: Holiday at Home

Posted Sunday 6/26

We have heard from parents and are updating our pick-up and drop-off times for the July 4 Holiday at Home break. 

July 3: Students will be picked up at Gambrell Circle between 8-10:00am.

July 5: Students return to Gambrell Circle between 8-10:00am.

If your student needs a ride on either the 3rd or the 5th, notify Cole asap. 

Update: Preparing for Tuesday morning

Posted Sunday 6/19

We are happy to report no further cases of positive covid tests among Bridges counselors or staff! We have been testing daily and staying isolated, just to be sure. We have been told by Prisma Health doctors who work in coordination with Furman University that opening our programming on Tuesday will ensure that we are well beyond the possibility of anyone being contagious.

We know that this is scary. We respect family decisions regarding precautions and will make sure to do what is required of us to keep everyone safe. There are always chances when a group of people come together; we will do whatever we can to mitigate those chances. 

Besides delaying the opening of Foundations and using Tuesday for our "welcome activities," we do not foresee any other changes to our summer calendar. 

Have questions? Director Carrie Silver will be on Zoom Monday 6/20, from 6:30-7pm, for any drop-in visitors. You can also call Carrie and staff with questions. 

See you Tuesday morning at Gambrel Circle!

Update: Move-In Delayed Until Tuesday, June 21

Posted Friday 6/17

On Thursday night, June 16, one of our counselors began feeling ill, immediately isolated, and unfortunately testing positive for covid. This morning, the all Bridges counselors and staff took covid tests, and one other counselor tested positive for covid (the remaining counselors and staff tested negative). We have consulted with Prisma, Furman University, and CDC regulations and have determined that the safest option for our students is to delay the start of Foundations 2022.


We are moving the start of Foundations to the morning of Tuesday, June 21, 8-10am, at Gambrell Circle. This will ensure that we are past the window of time for the possible spread of covid. Everything about the move-in process will be the same.


Tuesday will be a day of getting to know each other, teambuilding, and fun. We will pick up our regularly planned schedule on Wednesday morning with classes.


If you will need help with transportation on Tuesday morning, let us know and we will make sure you are picked up.


We know this is disappointing, but safety has always come first for our students and for our counselors/staff. We’re a family, and we take care of each other. We will spend the next few days taking care of our counselors to make sure everyone has a happy, HEALTHY summer at Bridges!

If you have questions or concerns, reach out to us. Staff contact information is at the bottom of this page.  

We are so excited for the summer!

Before you move onto campus, we have several items for you to review and sign. We will go over all these items at Spring Into Bridges and review important details during the parent meetings at move-in.

1. Our Student Handbook is a great resource to learn about Bridges, our staff, dates for summer, the summer schedule, class descriptions, behavior guidelines, and a packing list. If you would like a printed copy, just ask and we will mail you one.


2. Our Parent Information sheet has staff contact information, important dates, and parent FAQs.

3. The Student Registration link allows you to tell us about yourself and to sign up for your elective and evening activity preferences. 

4. We will be busy this summer! We need consent forms for Furman University, medical information that we will keep on-hand, and specific forms for specific field trips. You can find the needed forms here and the Furman Computer Use form here. If you did not receive these at Spring into Bridges, you can either print them and mail completed forms to our office (3300 Poinsett HWY, Greenville, SC 29613) or request that we print them and deliver them to you.

NEW: We are planning an adventure at Camp Hannon and we received their consent for AFTER Spring Into Bridges, so everyone needs to print and complete this form.

Key Dates:

Friday, June 17

Omegas and Alpha2s:     Move-in 5:00-6:00pm to Gambrell Circle

Beta2s:                               Move-in 6:30-7:00pm to Gambrell Circle

Dinner will be provided for students once everyone arrives.

Parent meetings will be held at 5:30, 6:00, and 7:00pm.


Sunday, July 3

Students will be picked up between 8-10:00am in Gambrell Circle

Students return to Gambrell Tuesday, July 5 between 10:30-11:30am.


Sunday, June 26                 

Family members may come visit campus and/or take student off campus, 9:30am-2:00pm. To take a student off campus, you must be an approved guardian.

Family members can eat in the Dining Hall free of charge (with a meal ticket from staff).


Saturday, July 9

Each Bridges class will host a car wash to raise money for a cause of their choice.

Sunday, July 10   

Family members may come visit campus and/or take student off campus, 9:30am-2:00pm. To take a student off campus, you must be an approved guardian.

Family members can eat in the Dining Hall free of charge (with a meal ticket from staff).

Our summer Talent Show is scheduled for 7:00-9:00pm.


Saturday, July 16             

All students to be picked up at Gambrell Circle 8:00-10:00am.     

Student Schedule: 

Our average weekday looks like this. Wednesday evenings are workshops and Fridays are field days. Saturdays and Sunday afternoons are for community service and FUN! 

                7:15 am                             Rise

                8:10-8:35 am                     Breakfast in Dining Hall

                8:45-9:55 am                     Core Class

                10:00-11:10 am                 Core Class

                11:15-12:25 pm                 Core Class

                12:30-1:10 pm                   Lunch in Dining Hall

                1:10-2:15 pm                     R.E.S.T. time on Hall (Read, Energize, Sleep, Think)

                2:20-2:40 pm                     Daily Assembly

                2:45-4:00 pm                     College Planning

                4:15-5:30 pm                     Electives

                5:45-6:25 pm                     Dinner in Dining Hall

                6:30-7:00 pm                     On-the-Hall Time

                7:15-8:00 pm                     Evening Activity I or Workshops

                8:15-9:00 pm                     Evening Activity II or Workshops

                9:15 pm                             On-the-Hall Time/Hall Meeting

                11:00 pm                           In Rooms

Staff Contacts:

Director, Carrie Silver, 864-887-5823

Assistant Director, Cole Foster, 864-270-0887

Assistant Director, Rose Nickles, 803-331-4023

Residential Coordinator, Kelly Godwin, 864-367-3658

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