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Spring Break 2022: Alabama

We are able to take 20 Bridges students on a spring break college tour trip this year! This is a smaller number than past years, but we had to limit spaces to accommodate Covid precautions for the bus and hotel.


Congratulations for being selected for this trip! In order to attend, you MUST turn in a completed registration form, signed by a parent. By turning this in, you are also agreeing to our behavior expectations. If you do not follow our behavior expectations, your parent will be notified. If it is determined that your behavior is potentially harmful to yourself or others, your parent will have to come to Alabama to collect you. (No one wants that.)


Make sure that you pack adequate clothing for the three days. Remember to bring:

  • clothes for 3 days

  • walking shoes

  • layers so you will be comfortable no matter the weather (a light coat, sweatshirts, etc.)

  • umbrella/rain jacket

  • toiletries like soap, toothpaste/toothbrush, deodorant, etc. (Hotel will provide towels and sheets.)

  • medicine (with the completed registration paperwork!)

  • phone charger

  • anything you need to complete school work

  • blanket and pillow for bus

  • plastic water bottle


** Keep an eye on the weather and pack accordingly. **


Bridges will provide all lodging, meals, and transportation. Extra spending money is okay if you want souvenirs, but not necessary.


We will depart from Furman Hall at 1:15 pm on March 19. That means that you need to arrive no later than 1:00 pm. WE WILL LEAVE YOU!


We will arrive back to Furman at approximately 8:00 pm on March 22. Please have transportation arranged. We will notify parties if we are ahead or behind schedule.


Parents, please feel free to contact chaperones with any concerns or questions while we are on the trip. Below is contact information and lodging information. We will be traveling with Atchinson Charter Bus Services.


  Chaperones:                                 Hotel Information:

  Carrie Silver: (864) 887-5823        Hampton Inn                             

  Cole Foster: (864) 270-0887         30 State Farm Pwky.

  Rose Nickles: (803) 331-4023       Birmingham, AL 35209

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