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Spring Into Bridges

We are so glad you are here with us today! As we work our way through the program, here are a few more details.

Moment of Silence for Seth Smith: We lost an amazing and beautiful friend this past month when Seth passed away in a car accident. This is beyond heartbreaking, and we are trying to support each other through this like a family. Seth's twin brother Sean is also an Omega, and though his family can't be here today, he wants us to thank you for all your support. We have a memorial table set up today where you can leave a note for Seth's family and/or a note to Seth that will remain locked away. If you need any additional support through this time, please contact a staff member. You are not alone.

NOTE: If you were not able to add a note to the Smith family at Spring Into Bridges, you can email a note to a staff member to print and add to the box.

Teachers (Core Classes):

  • Science: Lisa Howell & Kristen Cooper

  • Math: Kinja King & Angie Mozie

  • Humanities: Desiree LaFreniere & Geri Kinlaw

  • College Planning: Miriam Miles & Bridges Staff


  • Britany Bonilla-Martinez

  • Sherri Castillo

  • Daniel Giraldo

  • Tyler Hamilton

  • Thomas Hicks

  • David Jones

  • Rhaynae Lloyd

  • Janie Mendoza-Herrea

  • Caleb Waters

  • Courtney Waters

  • Abby McCready (Intern)

  • Kelly Godwin (Residential Coordinator) 

Leadership Team:

  • Dominick Cipully

  • Isaiah Corthell

  • Timber Edmonds

  • Shanya Hunn

  • Ashley Marroquin-Gonzalez

  • Kashia Stewart


Welcome, Beta2s!

Read all about them on our News page.

















Congratulations, Psis!















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Bridges Seniors
Bridges Seniors

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Bridges teachers
Bridges teachers

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Bridges Seniors
Bridges Seniors

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Bridges Seniors
Bridges Seniors

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