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Summer 2021: Prisma Partnership

We are excited to partner with Prisma Health, specifically the Bradshaw Institute for Community Child Health and Advocacy, to keep our scholars healthy. They believe that "healthy children live in families, environments and communities that provide them with the opportunity to reach their full developmental potential." Bridges strives to be one such community.

The first outcome of this partnership is the availability of covid vaccines to students and families. We have worked with the Bradshaw Institute and Furman University to put in place all the approvals needed to bring this great resource directly to the Bridges family. It is important to note that we do not require the vaccine for anyone participating in or working with our program; however, we encourage everyone to do all they can to protect themselves and their communities from covid.

The second outcome of this partnership is the availability of well-child checks for all students during Bridges Foundations. The Bradshaw Institute will bring its mobile unit to campus to provide this great resource to students who might not have a pediatric health home. These checks include a mental health screening, required immunizations, and optional sports physicals. Parent consent is needed prior to any check up, so please complete this form (Prisma form in English, Prisma form in Spanish) and bring with you to Foundations.


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