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Spring Into Bridges Announced

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Bridges to a Brighter Future will once again host an in-person Spring Into Bridges celebration, set for Sunday, May 16, 1-4pm, at the Furman Amphitheater.

The event will begin by welcoming the two newest classes to Bridges, the Omega class (selected April 2020) and the Alpha2 class (selected April 2021). This will be an exciting welcome, as the class selected in 2020 has only met virtually, and the class just selected has not met at all. They will be joined by our rising high school seniors, the Psi class.

The next part of the event is what our students wait for the entire three years they are in the Bridges high school component: the announcement of each student's college selection! In a dramatic reveal, each of our graduating high schoolers (the Chi class) will have their moment to share their college of choice.

Incoming students will also meet their student mentors, and incoming parents will receive a program orientation from the director.

Due to covid restrictions, attendance is limited to current students and their families.


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