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Advice for the College-Bound Student

Back in May, we heard high school commencement speakers (in person or on our computer screen) talk about the possibilities of the future and how exciting it will be to head off to college.

Now, reality is setting in and the idea of going off to college “someday” is more than just an idea for many young people. To help those students starting their college careers this month, several current Bridges college students shared the following advice.

Classes and Studying:

  • Have a plan for your classes and schedule in food and breaks. The workload can be a lot so make sure you allot yourself at least 2 hours of studying for each class outside of class time.

  • I live by quizlet. I take my notes on paper and then I type them into flash cards. I also make questions for myself based on the info we learned. This way, when I study I’m essentially constantly quizzing myself on definitions and other things.

  • I think it’s important to study a little everyday and not cram before an exam. This way you’ve seen the information everyday and you’re already associated with it as opposed to forgetting about it and then relearning it before a test

  • Everyone studies different and your job the first few weeks is to figure out what your study method should be. Some people read their notes and are good. People rewrite their notes to make sure they can explain the material in your own words.

  • If you need help do not hesitate to talk to your professor.

  • Office hours are also great. They’ll explain everything. It’s the best way to get to know them and sometimes they just hand you the answer to stuff.

  • Don’t skip class unless it’s absolutely necessary. Once you start it’s hard to stop.

Social Involvement and Campus Life:

  • An easy way to meet people on your hall is going to hall programs sponsored by your RA and leaving your door open. (This shows people that you want them to stop by).

  • Go to the student organization fair! You’ll be sure to find a club that aligns with your interests and who you are as a person.

  • Your mindset is super important. Don’t go in thinking you’re not going to make friends and no one is going to like you.

  • Look into campus jobs. I heard the [gym] desk is super easy you just sit and do homework that y’all would do anyway. Easy money!

  • Do your laundry often and not on the weekends. The laundry room is packed Saturday and Sunday.

A few more thoughts for all college students: strive for balance but forgive yourself when balance is beyond your grasp; be ok with the fact that you can feel homesick and still know that being away from home is the right choice right now; keep track of your money; constantly assess who you spend your time with and if that connection helps you get closer to who you want to be; take advantage of resources available to you; and prioritize your physical and mental health. And call your mom.


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