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Family Resources

Our families are critical partners in our work! We view families are partners in this journey and look forward to getting to know the people who are most important in the lives of our students.  

We plan scheduled times for families to be involved.

  • Spring Into Bridges in May includes a family orientation to review the program in person and to answer any questions

  • Foundations student drop-off also includes a session with the director to ease any concerns

  • Sunday visitation days during summer Foundations

  • Family celebrations at Fourth of July and at the holidays

  • Family-focused workshops during specified Saturday Colleges

We also encourage families to work with us outside of these times. All guardians have access to staff emails and phones throughout the year and are welcome to contact us whenever is needed.

Resources for Families

First in the Family college guide for parents: English, Spanish

College Board's Parent Action Plan: 10th Grade

College Board's Parent Action Plan: 11th Grade

College Board's Parent Action Plan: 12th Grade

If your family is seeking assistance beyond college planning, please see our Community Resources page for more local agencies that help in times of need.

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