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While much has changed in the past 25 years, as Greenville continues to grow, so does the population and the number of students facing poverty and personal challenges negatively impacting their academic success. Poverty, homelessness, instability, and other difficulties at home are stressors that are linked to high dropout rates among high schoolers. Designed to help students gain confidence and discover their strengths, Bridges enables its students to overcome their adverse conditions in order to excel in school and stay on the path to college, career, and financial stability, thus breaking the cycle of poverty for future generations.

“Bridges continues to strengthen the supports it provides students to ensure their post-secondary success,” says Jolley Bruce Christman, daughter of our founder and current chairperson of the Bridges Advisory Council. “Mom would be so proud to see the many accomplishments of Bridges students and the impact the program has had on their lives and the Greenville community.”

Read more about this milestone in our News section and our five-year goals below.

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Our 25th Anniversary Report takes you through our history, where we are today, and where we will go in the future. 

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