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Based on data collected from our first program graduates in 2000, Bridges to a Brighter Future has a significant influence on high school graduation, college enrollment, and college graduation.

2019 bridges data

Bridges Foundations

Students reported on the most recent summer assessment that as a result of participation in the four-week summer program, 91-96% of students experienced an improvement in:

96% – Confidence, Knowledge about College, and Friendships
95% – Academic Confidence, Vision for Future, Goals in Life
93% – Trust
91% – Academic Skills and Leadership

Saturday College

As a result of participation in Saturday College, 100% of students reported:

100% – Saturday College has helped me academically and personally.
100% – Tutoring has helped me improve a grade, test score, or complete an assignment.

Crossing the Bridge

As a result of Crossing the Bridge, 100% of students reported:

100% – I feel more prepared for college after the Crossing the Bridge summer component.